Motorcycle Accidents | Personal Injury Attorney

When most people hear about accidents involving motorcycles, more often than not, people assume the biker is at fault regardless the circumstances of the case. Motorcycle accident attorneys know that this is a gross misconception since in most cases, the driver of the automobile is the cause of the accident. In fact, an estimated 70 percent of these accidents occur when car drivers fail to acknowledge the presence or rights of the motorcyclist.

Sadly a biker is 34 times more likely to die in a collision with a car or truck. Others suffer severe spinal cord injuries as well as debilitating brain injuries. These serious bodily injuries can culminate in financial strain due to mounting medical costs and lost wages.

Family dynamics may also change as a spouse or elder child will soon adopt the role of caregiver to the one who suffered from motorcycle injuries. If the injured victim happened to be the primary wage earner, the family may be at a loss of what to do and begin to fear for their future. This can end up being psychologically and spiritually devastating for all involved.

Skilled motorcycle accident attorneys understand that bikers are often unfairly stereotyped and will work against these negative perceptions to get the injured person the compensation he or she needs and deserve. By fighting to obtain monetary awards for individuals with serious bodily injuries, these passionate attorneys can aid the victim and their families in paying for much needed medical expenses especially for those who suffered spinal cord injuries and/or brain injuries. A lawsuit can also ensure that the victims’ family will not face financial peril.