Pedestrian Accidents | Personal Injury Attorney

If you happen to get involved in a pedestrian accident chances are you will need the services of an accident lawyer to attend to your legal needs. The insurance companies will do their best to settle your case with you before you have an opportunity to consult with an attorney. Unfortunately most of the time the insurance companies will offer unrepresented individuals a fraction of what their case is really worth.

Pedestrian accidents occur in more than one out of ten accidents involving automobiles. Pedestrians make up 11% of the total deaths caused by vehicle accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 70,000 pedestrians die each year in automobile accidents which represents a startling 7 percent mortality rate. Pursuing a claim in pedestrian accident cases is a complex process which often involves a great deal of work. To better understand the nature of the work, here is a glimpse of how lawyers process a claim in a pedestrian accident case. Initially, your lawyer will hire an investigator to conduct probe on all aspects of the accident. He will take witnesses’ accounts and file a report. If necessary, he will hire experts to determine the degree of the culprit’s fault in the accident. These will include the gathering of all necessary documents, reports and bills that will support your claim. A lawyer will also see to it that special forms are accomplished by doctors and witnesses.

Your lawyer will also monitor your medical treatment and if necessary, refer you to a health provider who will treat you on a lien basis if you have no medical insurance. (Lien Basis means you don’t pay for your on going medical expenses until the insurance company pays). Your lawyer will obtain a narrative report from the attending physician after your treatment. Your lawyer will be responsible for communicating information to you through a secure email, fax, letters, court documents, and forms. These include correspondence from insurance companies and the court. He will also take on the tasks of responding to all letters and communications related to your case.

A lawyer will represent you in negotiating your claim with the insurance company. The process often involves placing a value for your claim and presenting it to your insurance company. If settlement becomes unsuccessful, your lawyer will begin litigation process. In case of an unsettled claim, a lawyer will act as your litigation attorney and help prepare your case for trial, mediation or arbitration. Getting injured in a pedestrian accident is one thing; pursuing a claim from your injury is another matter. But in trying to recover from the loss and damages, it would be best to leave things to the care of a personal injury lawyer who has the experience in dealing with pedestrian accident cases, otherwise you may end up settling your claim for less than it is worth.