Premise Liability | Personal Injury Attorney

People can sustain injuries even in places wherein they should be safe. There are times wherein a person become involved in an accident while inside the property of another due to the latter’s negligence. When these situations occur, the issue of premise liability arises.

What is Premise Liability? Premise liability refers to the liability of the property owners for the injuries that are sustained by another while inside their property or premises. In the event that the incident occurred due to the negligence of the property owners, this liability will be attached to them.

Premise liability may be linked or traced to the negligence committed by various people or entities including homeowners, government entities, business establishments, landlords, property owners, and managers, among others.

Proving this liability may be hard for people so legal help should be acquired by them. People injured while inside the property of others due to the latter’s negligence can ask the help of attorneys who are skilled in the area so that liability will be attached to the right person.

Premise liability may come and be seen in various forms. Some of the common cases involving this liability include:
1. Slip and fall accidents that occur while a person is inside a commercial establishment. This incident can occur due to the occurrence of liquid, solid, and other substances on the floor.
2. Accidents that occur inside a construction site
3. Occurrence of trip and fall accidents caused by the dangerous property condition owned by another person or entity.

When an injured person files a premise liability claim, there are specific elements that that should first established so that compensation for his/her losses will be recovered. The following elements that should be proven are:
1. The property owner has the legal right to provide you protection against any kind of harm.
2. The victim’s financial, physical, and mental losses are caused by the negligence of the property owner.
3. The property owner should have an idea or should have knowledge about the dangerous condition of the property he/she owns but he/she was not

In order for property owners to avoid facing a premise liability claim filed by others, they should always maintain the good condition of their property. In addition, these owners should always make sure that the people who will go inside their premise will be safe from harm.

If you sustained injuries while you are inside a property owned by another, there are attorneys who can help you with your premise liability claim. These legal professionals will work hard to help you acquire the justice you deserve.