For over a decade now I have been a Personal Injury attorney in Southern California.
Our justice system is full of Secrets, and these Secrets are only known by the regular trial lawyers, judges, and insurance companies. I intend to expose these secrets, as I believe everyone deserves to know the truth, and every week I will post the Secret of the Week.

The insurance companies will hide behind the curtain and mislead the Jurors to believe that they don’t exist.

So you get into an auto accident with Bob and you are seriously hurt. After years of medical procedures your case is now before a Jury because Bob’s auto insurance does not want to pay for your medical expenses and the fact that you now live with pain everyday.

Guess what? You are not allowed to inform the Jury that Bob has insurance. The jury will be mislead into believing that if they were to award you a fair judgment, poor Bob will have to pay the award and be left jobless, and his little kids homeless, and stranded in the side of the freeway begging for food.

In fact if a Juror asks the Judge, “does Bob have insurance, or will he have to pay for the damages personally?” The judge will respond by saying, “I can’t answer that question”.

How does our Justice system allow this clear misleading of the public? Follow the money!!! Who would benefit from the law that prevents disclosure of the existence of insurance? The Insurance Company. If Jurors think there is no insurance they will award nothing or very little because they feel bad for Bob and his little family.

How does a law get passed? Legislators write the laws, but who is pulling the strings? The lobbyist. The insurance machine hires lobbyist (Middle man) who offer incentives such as Campaign Contributions to the Law makers, including governors, legislators, senators, to pass laws, ordinances, and to vote certain ways on the issues that are important to the client of the Lobbyist. Ironically the bribes are somehow completely legal! That’s right if you were to offer a Judge money for a favor you would surely go to jail. However, if a Lobbyist offers the lawmakers and politicians money for a favor, it is 100% legal!

Some time ago the Legislators passed this law, and according to the legislator’s the reason for the rule is “concern over unfair prejudice—that if a jury were to learn of the party’s coverage or lack of coverage by liability insurance, it would relax its standards in determining both fault and damages.”

However, the reason for this law is so that the jury is mislead into awarding either nothing to you, or a minimal judgment so that Bob’s life is not turned upside down.
So the Devil does exist and it is hiding behind the curtain we call Bob.