Irvine Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting into accidents can happen to the best of drivers. You will want to be sure that you have good coverage with your insurance company, but studies show that there is significant chance for a better outcome if you hire an attorney, because having good coverage does not guarantee fair play by the insurance company. Plus, it does not cost you anything upfront. Remember our law firm does not charge a penny unless you win your case. We only get a percentage of the recovery if we win. Further we don’t charge you anything at any time for repairs to your vehicle.

Why you are better off hiring a lawyer for your accident if you are injured?

The bottom line is in most cases the insurance companies will offer you a settlement, which is substantially less than what you deserve if you are not represented by an attorney.

Recently I represented a lovely elderly lady who was offered $250.00 by the insurance company to “Go away”.  After hiring our office, and a year battling the offer was increased to $15,000, (Maximum Policy Limits).

Another example is a case where a younger gentleman who was involved in a trucking accident was offered $20,000 to settle his case. Although he was very tempted, because he thought he could not do any better, we were able to settle his case for $550,000.00 two years later.

These are just two examples in a difference a lawyer can make in your case.

What to look for in a Personal Injury lawyer?

You have to make sure you hire the proper lawyer if you find yourself in a car accident. You need a lawyer that knows personal injury. Avoid hiring lawyers that have too many clients! Why? It is a lot easier to call back 50 to 100 clients than 500 to 1000 clients. Selective lawyers that don’t have a personal injury factory style practice can give you personalized attention. You don’t have to wait weeks and months for a call back, and your case will get more attention.

When you should hire a Personal Injury lawyer?

For best results you should hire a lawyer immediately following an accident. This is because your lawyer will prevent you from reducing the value of your own case without even knowing that you are. There are so many mistakes that injured victims make when they are not represented. These mistakes can substantially change the outcome of your case. Since you don’t pay anything unless we win, you have nothing to lose.

The Law Offices of Sean S. Vahdat and Associates, APLC is experienced in personal injury cases and we have recovered millions for those just like you, that have suffered from injuries in an accident.

(Disclaimer, the example used above should not be construed as a guarantee. Each case is treated differently, and prior awards to not constitute a guarantee of recovery. Client is responsible for litigation costs, and may have to pay litigation costs prior to recovery, or in event the case is lost).