Slip and Falls | Personal Injury Attorney

You or a loved one can be a victim of a slip and fall accident in many locations, including office buildings, grocery stores, restaurants, outdoors in parking lots, and while walking down a sidewalk or walkway. These accidents can be quite painful and result in a very serious injury.

In slip and fall accident cases you have to prove that the landowner had prior knowledge, and/or should have had knowledge of the dangerous condition (e.g. Water Spill).  Slip and fall accidents can occur indoors and outdoors, and property owner’s have the same duty to protect the public from an unsafe condition regardless of where the accident occurs on their property.

Some causes of indoor slip and falls are slippery floors. It is not enough to just have a floor material that is slippery. The property owner may be held liable if they failed to adequately warn the public of the floor being cleaned or waxed or if it is still wet. Also, failing to clean up spilled food or a liquid substance within a reasonable amount of time or posting signs to warn of the condition can make the property owner liable. Another cause of a slip and fall could be improper maintenance to a stairway, worn out steps or treads.

Some common causes of outdoor dangerous conditions that cause slip and fall accidents are broken or cracked outside steps, sidewalks and parking lots. If you are injured in an area such as a parking lot you must find out who controls the parking lot, since it is typically not owned by the store but rather the shopping center owner has control of the parking lot and is responsible for maintenance. Another type of unsafe condition that may cause a fall are areas of poor lighting. In some cases, if the crack or unsafe condition is obvious the owner may not be able to be held liable.

Slip and fall injuries are very common and you should consult with an experienced attorney to discuss your legal rights and evaluate your claim for damages.