Spinal Cord Injuries | Personal Injury Attorney

There are many fatal automobile accidents or serious slip and fall incidents that cause damage to the spinal cord. According to statistics, there are approximately 250, 000- 400, 000 Americans who have spinal cord injuries. Out of this number, 47.5% are due to vehicular accidents while 22.9% is a result of falls.

Spinal cord is a sensitive part of the body because it is consists of nerve endings that carry messages to the brain. Direct trauma or indirect damage to the bones or soft tissues and vessels surrounding the spinal cord may lead to spinal cord injury.

Hence, it is very important to give proper care to spinal cord because once injured, it may result to more complications. Patients with SCI may lose sensation of certain parts of the body. It may also cause to improper functioning of the body such as bowel movements, blood pressure, temperature regulation, and even your sexual function can be lost.

Serious spinal cord injuries may also cause paralysis, pain or even lead to death. There is no cure to this injury. However, there are therapies and treatments to somehow improve the life of a person who has SCI.

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

Primarily, the family of someone who has SCI must be aware of the right care they should give. There is spinal cord injury rehabilitation that will help a spinal cord injury patient to adjust to his condition and to ease the burden brought to him by the injury.

Further, the rehab has specific programs designed to help the patients cope with the social and community issues related to the effects of spinal cord injuries. There are certain people who assist the SCI patient and also the families to develop a good plan for the total recovery of their loved one suffering from the said injury.