First, always remember that Irvine Criminal Defense Lawyeryou have the absolute right to remain silent. Don’t talk to law enforcement without an attorney present. This is your constitutional right so don’t waive it. In most criminal cases people will incriminate themselves by simply talking to law enforcement.

Even if you are 100% innocent you could be charged with a crime that you never committed by talking to law enforcement. This happens when law enforcement takes your words out of context and uses it against you.

Second, don’t consent to search of your vehicle or person. Remember in California that if you are the driver of a vehicle and anything illegal is found within your vehicle, the crime will be pinned on you. Whether you put that illegal item in your car or not, maybe a friend left something there without your knowledge, it doesn’t matter under California law. Do not consent to a search of your vehicle, again this is your constitutional right.

Remember that you are innocent until proven guilty and that everyone is entitled to his or her day in court. Make sure that you have an experienced legal team by your side. If you are arrested, remember not to give a statement until you have an attorney present. For Criminal Defense give us a call today.

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