Trucking Accidents | Personal Injury Attorney

When a commercial truck jackknifes, it often curves into a 90 degree angle that can sweep away several passenger vehicles in one fell swoop and cause major pile ups. These accident victims will need the assistance of seasoned accident attorney’s to pursue litigation and obtain compensation for their injuries.

Whether accident victims live in bustling downtown or suburban and rural neighborhoods, they can count on the skilled attorneys of a reputable law firm to fight for their rights after a truck jackknifes and causes serious damage or loss of life.

Upon an in depth case evaluation, your lawyers will strive to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the recklessness of the responsible individuals. This will in turn help the injured party obtain the monetary reparations they need to pay mounting medical costs.

This is a very important undertaking, as the expense of caring for resulting brain or spinal injuries can chip away at an individual’s life’s savings. Those who have suffered an amputation or are paralyzed due to the accident will also be in need of financial assistance.

Trucking accident lawyers understand that in some jackknife-related incidents, the accident occurs due to gross negligence on the part of the driver. This can be especially true if the driver locked the drive axles, something they are told not to do during a skid. Other cases can be attributed to faulty brakes, in fact, brake defects are behind many truck accidents. In such cases, the brake or truck manufacturer could be liable.

Those who were involved in a debilitating trucking accident and their families do not have to go it alone. If you or a loved on has been injured in such an accident, you can seek quality representation at a law firm in your area. Your lawyer will begin litigation against those who have unjustly harmed you and get your life back on track after a trucking accident.