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Are you aware of the problems and legal troubles that can follow your first DUI offense in the state of California?  We all know that drinking and driving is a mistake, but many people do not know the legal troubles they will face if they get caught drinking and driving.

Jail? Luckily Jail time can’t be more than a year, and in most if not all cases on a First time DUI if there is no damage to persons or property there is no Jail time.

Fines: The fine will be under $2,000.00.

License Suspension: 90 days to 12 monhs

Note:  Failure to submit to either a breath or blood test will result in automatic suspension of your Driver’s License for 12 months. You have to choose a test to avoid losing your driver’s license. However, you can avoid a DUI charge by refusing to submit to chemical testing and still have your license suspended. This is because the State will not have your blood alcohol results to get a conviction against you, but the DMV can still suspend your license for your failure to submit to one of the chemical tests.

Ignition Interlock: Usually not, unless there is injury or the blood alcohol level was extreme.

Remember if you are asked if you had anything to drink, by saying yes you would be giving the police probably cause to give you a sobriety test. We don’t advise that you lie to the police or drink and drive. However, you should always be prepared and know your rights.

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